Kurdish militants claim responsibility for Ankara bombing

    Kurdish militants claim responsibility for Ankara bombing

    March 17, Ankara: A Kurdish militant group has claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing in Turkey’s Ankara that killed 37 people. The group also said it will stage more attacks.

    In a statement on its website, the group described the bombing as “vengeful action” for security operations since July in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish south-east that have killed hundreds of civilians, security forces and militants, The Guardian reported.

    The group further said, “On the evening of March 13, a suicide attack was carried out ... in the streets of the capital of the fascist Turkish republic. We claim this attack.”

    Security forces were the target but a large number of civilians were killed after police intervened, the statement said, and warned that further civilians losses in its attacks were inevitable.

    Sunday’s attack came three weeks after a similar car bombing in Ankara killed 29 people, also claimed by the group.

    The Oslo Times


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