Khasmiri Pandits Continue to Live As Refugees in Their Own Motherland- A Open Letter to Home Minister of India

    Khasmiri Pandits Continue to Live As Refugees in Their Own Motherland- A Open Letter to Home Minister of India Panun Khasmir - President Ashwani Kumar is giving his speech

    Prof Sarkar
    Coordinator of GHRD
    South Asia 

    Shri Rajnath Singh Ji,
    Hon'ble Home Minister of India, 
    New Delhi

    6th. January 2019

    Hon'ble Sir,

    Namaskar. This is a humble reminder to bring to your kind notice that the Kashmiri Pandits continue to live as refugees in their own country. As was declared by the National Human Rights Commission two decades back that 'acts akin to genocide were committed against the Kashmiri Pandits'......and.....'a genocide type design may exist in the minds and utterences of the  militants and terrorists in Kashmir against them'.....and 'they have not been given due understanding and relief....' I draw your kind attention to the following facts:

    1. The genocide of the Kashmiri Pandit community continues till date since they, the displaced people, have been forced to get scarterred and live at various places throughout the globe.  This cuts at the roots of their homogenity, existence as a socio-cultural-ethnic group and togetherness in their natural and historical habitat. Their forced dispersal is tantamount to "finishing the community in whole or in part" which is clear genocide as per the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    2. The government of India can play a big role to reverse the process of genocide in a step by step exercise. In order to nail down the younger generation to the land of Jammu & Kashmir, Panun Kashmir demands that a Special Recruitment Package for 1,000 Central government jobs be declared immediately for the displaced youth of Kashmir.

    3. The cost of living index has gone up and the relief holders need the support of the government. Over the last more than five years there has been only a single enhancement of relief amount. We demand that the amount of relief per person be raised to Rs. 5,000 with a maximum of Rs 20,000 per family.

    4. As a matter of fact, the code of conduct will be in force in one and a half month's time subject to the presentation of the Vote of Account in the Parliament. We propose that the budgetary allocation for both these demands may be made in the Vote of Accounts so that the implementation of the required processes could be taken up in hand by the administration at the earliest. This will be a big confidence-building measure in favor of the displaced community by the government at this important juncture of immediate concerns.

    5. This election year provides a big opportunity for the people to choose the path of future. We earnestly desire that your government under the dynamic leadership of Modi Ji deserves one more term. Panun Kashmir wishes you all the best and would declare that the Kashmiri Pandits, as usual, would pray that Modi Ji returns to the power with a thumping majority to take the mission of 'Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Vikas' ahead.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Sincerely Yours,

    Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President-PANUN KASHMIR
    Ph. 9419141214

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