Judge Sentences life Prison for Brutal Rape at Pabna in Bangladesh

    Judge Sentences life Prison for Brutal Rape at Pabna in Bangladesh Rape is a Curse to the Society

     Sathiya, Pabna a gang rape involved and fatal assault on 13th March 2015. The incident took place when a teenage girl gang-raped and tortured in a nearby at her residence at around 7.30pm. The Two Rapists Mohammed Farid Hossain -27, S/O Mohammed Abu Pramanik and Mohammed Hafizul -24 S/O Alam Bepari, both of whom raped and beat her mercilessly. The Incident generated widespread national coverage and was widely condemned by the Research and Empowerment Organization and Global Human Rights Defence –GHRD. The subsequently Protest of this case, the police took initiative and arrested the perpetrators and put into jail.

    On 28th October 2018, Owalur Islam, Pabna Judge Court gave the verdict for life prison to the perpetrators Mohammed Farid and Mohammed Hafijul . However, the case conducted by Samad Khan Ratan a government lawyer at Pabna Lower Court.

    On 13th March 2015, While the ritual Festival “Krishna Chant” Program is going on of her relative house at the nearby. Priyali (Nick Name) parents went to attend the Program but due to exam of Papri were taking her preparation. She was alone at her house; around 7.30 pm she finished her study and going to join the program to nearby. While she came out from her room suddently two local perpretators, Mohammed Farid Hossain and Mohammed hafizul captured her mouth from behind and threatened with a knife. They took her in nearby jungle and raping up her hand and mouth that she can’t able to speak.

    Both perpetrators removed her Salawer, Mohammed Farid Hossain raped her 1st while Mohammed Hafizul captured her head. After Farid, Mohammed Hafizul raped and this was going on one after another during an hour.

    After raped, they threaten her “Don’t tell anything to anyone unless we will kill and your parents”.
    On 14.03.2016 the victim and local people come into the police station and did an FIR against the perpetrators on the women and child abusing section-03 case number 26/104, GL number -130,  Sathiya police station, Pabna.

    Research and Empowerment Organization-REO and Global Human Rights Defence-GHRD did human chain along with students and trying their best for this justice. REO’s Local Representative Prof Tusher Sarkar and local Influential people including the Principal of Pabna Edward College Dr. Mohammed Humayun Kabir and Head of Department and other teachers, journalists, and local people also did a wonderful job for this verdict.  REO is a leading human rights organization are working for Rape victims in Bangladesh for their rights and justice and trying to social awareness to prevent rape, Right for Food for the Rohingyas, Blood Donation for everyone, Sewing Machines for the destitute women etc. Moreover, REO’s Adviser and Hindu Coordinator of Bharat Mr.  Rajesh Mudholkar will help her for an Employment of the victim girl. 

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