Japan to resume whaling in the Antarctic

    Japan to resume whaling in the Antarctic

    Nov 28, Tokyo: After nearly a year of abstinence from whale hunting in the Antarctic, Japan has decided to resume hunting whales in the region.

    According to reports, the decision was taken despite the International Court of Justice's  (ICJ) ruling  against Whaling in the Antarctic.
    The Japanese fisheries agency in a statement issued on Saturday stated that it would go ahead with a revised plan by the end of March 2016.

    Though under this plan, Japan will reduce the number of minke whales being caught each year by two thirds to just over 300, it is likely to prompt international outrage.The ICJ, had made its ruling in March last year, because Japan had caught over 3,600 minke whales since its current programme began in 2005.

    The Oslo Times


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