Israeli air strike kills Palestinian pregnant woman, child

    Israeli air strike kills Palestinian pregnant woman, child

    Oct.11, Jerusalem: A five-month pregnant woman and her young daughter have been killed in an Israeli air strike east of Gaza City, Palestinian officials said.

    Noor Hassan, 30, and her daughter Shahd died when their house collapsed following an Israeli air strike on a Hamas military training camp near their home.

    The Israeli army said that the air strikes were launched in response to a rocket that was fired into southern Israel. The rocket was reportedly intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome rocket defence system. They said its jets have hit two targets in the Gaza Strip.

    Earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed "deep concern" over the situation making separate phone calls to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

    There have been weeks of tension over access to a site in East Jerusalem sacred to both Jews and Muslims.

    The Oslo Times


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