Israel to open first diplomatic mission in UAE

    Israel to open first diplomatic mission in UAE

    Nov 27, Jerusalem: Despite the absence of diplomatic relations, Israel is to open its first diplomatic mission in the UAE.

    Israel's foreign ministry said that its office would be part of an international energy organisation based in Abu Dhabi. However, it is not known when the mission will open.

    Israel has opened trade and other offices in some Gulf states before, but there are no official ties, media reports said. The UAE, like most other Arab states, has not recognised Israel since the Arab-Israeli conflict began in 1948.

    According to report in Haaretz newspaper, the mission will be accredited to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IREA).

    According to Haaretz, the foreign ministry's director general Dore Gold visited Abu Dhabi on Tuesday to finalise the plans.

    Israel has previously operated trade offices in the Gulf countries of Oman and Qatar, opened in 1996 during a visit by then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

    Israel and the Sunni Gulf States have recently found a convergence of interests over Shia Iran, which both sides see as a growing threat, BBC news reported.

    The Oslo Times