Israel sends troops after couple killed in West Bank

    Israel sends troops after couple killed in West Bank

    Oct.2, Jerusalem: Hundreds of troops deployed in the occupied West Bank after an Israeli couple had been killed in front of their children. 

    Eitam and Naama Henkin, both in their 30s, were shot dead while driving on Thursday night between the settlements of Itamar and Elon More, in the north of the Palestinian territory. They were residents of the central West Bank settlement Neria, northwest of Ramallah.

    Their four children, aged between four months and nine years, were found safe in the back of the car.

    Israeli army spokesman Arye Shalicar said that the security forces were conducting an intensive search on the ground combined with intelligence efforts.

    The shooting on Thursday came hours after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the United Nations General Assembly, and a day after that of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who said that Israel's refusal to release prisoners and stop settlement activity was hampering fresh peace talks.

    The Oslo Times


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