Islamic State behind Baghdad attack that kills 20

    Islamic State behind Baghdad attack that kills 20

    July 24, Baghdad: So-called Islamic State has said it was behind a suicide bomb attack on a security checkpoint in Iraq's capital, Baghdad, that has killed more than 20 people and injured at least another 35, local media reports said.

    The attack targeted the entrance to the mainly Shia Muslim area of Kadhimiyah in north-west Baghdad.

    The Islamic State-linked Amaq news agency said the group had targeted soldiers in the area. The suicide bomber reportedly carried out Sunday's attack on foot. Both members of the security forces and civilians were among the dead, reports said.

    Security forces have surrounded the area and have increased inspections at other checkpoints in the capital. Both Karrada and Kadhimiyah are mainly Shia districts. The Sunni-based IS jihadists often target those areas, regarding Shia as heretics, along with carrying out attacks on security forces.

    The group still controls areas in northern and western Iraq. But it has suffered a series of defeats, including the recent loss of the western city of Falluja and, in response, has stepped up suicide attacks, BBC reported.

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