Iranian Supreme leader accuses Saudi leaders of trading wealth with Pagans

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    Iranian Supreme leader accuses Saudi leaders of trading wealth with Pagans

    May 28, Tehran: The Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, orating at an event marking the first day of Ramadan, attacked Saudi Arabia accusing it of trading its wealth with “pagans and enemies”, IRGC-run Fars News says.

    “The stupid Saudi government thinks it can attract the friendship of enemies by giving them money,” he said.

    Khamenei said that “the stupid leaders think they can attract the friendship of enemies by giving them money”.

    The 77-year-old hardline leader of Iran added that Saudi Arabia governments act cordially towards the enemies of Islam while having the opposite behaviour towards the Muslim people of Bahrain and Yemen”, state-affiliated news agencies reported. Sunni-led Saudi Arabia and Shia-led Iran are on opposing sides of several conflicts across the region, including the wars in Syria and Yemen, and accuse each other of supporting terrorism.

    Ayatollah Khamenei condemned its regional rival for signing multibillion-dollar deals with “infidel” Americans. He said the cash they used to pay for weapons should have been used to “improve the lives of their own people” instead. However, Iran’s regime has wasted billion of dollars by using cash to pay its allies and Terrorist Groups to stick the region as a limbo which either western states also is interested in.

    Ali Khamenei has come out against Saudi Arabia a week after U.S sealed a $110 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia during U.S President Donald Trump visit to the kingdom, although, re-elected President Hassan Rouhani earlier called for improved relations with Persian Gulf nations during a phone call with the emir of Qatr, Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

    “We want the rule of moderation and rationality in the relations between countries and we believe that a political solution should be a priority”. “The countries of the region need more cooperation and consultations to resolve the crisis in the region and we are ready to cooperate in this field”, FOX News quoted Hassan Rouhani as saying.

    Though, 50 world leaders gathered in Saudi Arabia and their only word was that Iran enjoys an uncontrollable power, and it is an honor for us,” General Salami reportedly said on Wednesday. He also added that “anyone who wants to strike a blow at the Iranian nation will be battered by the IRGC’s crushing confrontation.”


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