Iran nuke deal enters new phase

    Iran nuke deal enters new phase

    Oct.18, Washington: The implementation of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers has entered a new phase on Sunday. It has agreed to allow greater monitoring of Tehran's commitment to the nuclear deal it signed with world powers, the United Nations atomic agency said.

    The Adoption Day was to happen 90 days after the agreement was approved by the UN Security Council, which happened on July 20.

    Iran is obliged under the terms of the deal to start the work of dismantling components of its nuclear programme that could be used to build nuclear weapons, according to a briefing given by senior US administration officials to reporters on Saturday.

    Officials also said that US President Barack Obama was to issue a memorandum to federal agencies to prepare for possible lifting of sanctions against Iran.

    In the new phase, the US treasury department is also expected to issue some waivers for non-US businesses that want to do business in Iran.
    The waivers focus on banking, oil purchases, and investments in certain economic sectors, officials said.

    The Oslo Times


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