Iran: Human Rights Activist Atena Daemi Arrested in IRGC Raid

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    Iran: Human Rights Activist Atena Daemi Arrested in IRGC Raid

    November 26, Tehran: AtenaDaemi was arrested at her father’s house in IRGC raid early morning today. Atena was taken to Tehran notorious Evin prison for serving her 7-year prison term, according to her relatives.

    The Human Rights activist don’t have received court warrant according to her post on her own Facebook account last night.
    Atena was previously arrested by IRGC agents at her father’s house on October 21, 2014, and taken to the solitary confinement sells in Ward 2-A Sepah (IRGC) at the prison. She was endured several months under temporary detention despite her lawyer’s repeated demands for her release on bail. Atena was indicted for the ambiguous charges of “assembly and collusion against national security”, “propaganda against the regime of Iran”, “insulting the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei”, “blasphemy”, and “concealing crime evidence related to the other prisoner of conscience Ali Noori and AsooRostami” by Branch 28at the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran, chaired by infamous Judge Mohammad Moghiseh.

    She had experienced severe psychological tortures in the chambers both in isolation and public wards. “Atena was asked to provide the password to the Facebook page of one of her friends, who is also imprisoned, during interrogations”, International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran reported.
    Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court issued its heavy sentence for her as 14-year prison term. Iran court convicted to the rigorous punishment just for her peaceful and humanitarian activities.

    In the long run, Branch 36 of the appellate Court issued 7-year prison term against AtenaDaemi. The court was conducted by Judge Ghomizadeh.
    Hereof, human rights activists stand with the imprisoned activist by signing petition to urge Islamic Republic of Iran for “Immediate & Unconditional Release of AtenaDaemi, an Iranian Human Rights Activist”.

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