Indonesia: Taxi drivers protest against Uber and Grab apps

    Indonesia: Taxi drivers protest against Uber and Grab apps

    March 22, Jakarta: Thousands of Indonesian taxi drivers took to the streets of the capital Jakarta on Tuesday to protest against transport apps like Grab and Uber.

    The drivers say ride-hailing apps, such as Uber and Grab, have severely reduced their salaries.

    Footage from Jakarta showed some protesters attacking vehicles and apparently threatening taxi drivers not taking part in the strike.

    The drivers have been joined by bus and "bajaj" motorbike drivers.

    Mobile apps like Grab and Uber have disrupted the transportation industry across Asia, and other parts of the world.

    Indonesia's president has welcomed the competition provided by the new companies, but the status of their operations in the country is still unclear.

    Transportation Minister Ignasius Jonan said companies like Uber were illegal unless they were registered as public transport providers and subject to the same rules as regular taxi operators.

    Taxi drivers said that they been disadvantaged because the apps do not face the same costs and regulations as they do.

    The Oslo Times