India: Young gang rapist freed amid protests

    India: Young gang rapist freed amid protests

    Dec 20, New Delhi: The youngest convict in the notorious 2012 Delhi gang rape case has been released from a correctional centre, news reports said.

    His lawyer has said that legal challenges and protests from the victim's parents failed to prevent the release, according to BBC news.

    He was sentenced to a maximum three years in a reform facility in August 2013. As per the Indian law the rapist cannot be named as he was a minor at the time of the crime.

    The rape and the subsequent death of the woman caused global outrage.

    Although the convict is now an adult, he was tried as a juvenile and has served the full sentence allowed.

    He has now been handed over to a charity, where he will remain because of fears over his safety.

    Four adult convicts in the case are appealing against death sentences. A fifth died in prison.

    According to the news reports, the laws dealing with sex crimes in India have been strengthened since this case began, but many believe this has not been enough to prevent attacks against women.

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