India: Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha successor forced to quit

    India: Tamil Nadu J Jayalalitha successor forced to quit

    Feb.8, Tamil Nadu: India's southern state of Tamil Nadu is in crisis after the chief minister revolted against his successor. The ruling AIADMK party announced Sasikala Natarajan would become the next leader on Sunday, two months after the death of influential politician J Jayalalitha.

    O Panneerselvam, who had taken over after her death, resigned on Sunday. He now says he had to make way for Sasikala, who prefers to be known by her first name.

    On Tuesday evening, Mr Panneerselvam visited a "monument" erected in honour of Jayalalitha at Marina beach in the capital, Chennai (Madras). He meditated there for 40 minutes before announcing that Amma (mother), as Jayalalitha was popularly known, wanted him to be chief minister and that he had been compelled to put in his papers by a group of legislators on Sunday.

    Panneerselvam told reporters that he was not "convinced of the decision" taken by this group, but "by then they had collected the signatures of the legislators" in favour of Sasikala, a close confidante of Jayalalitha.

    For close to three decades, Sasikala, known as Chinnamma (younger mother) to her supporters, had been an almost permanent fixture in
    Jayalalitha's life, and was often seen with the former chief minister on public platforms.

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