India: Five detained over Puttingal temple fireworks blast

    India: Five detained over Puttingal temple fireworks blast

    April 11, Kerala: Five people were detained in connection with an explosion and fire at a Hindu temple in India’s Kerala state that killed more than 100 people, police said.

    The five men who work at the Puttingal temple in Paravur, are being questioned about an unauthorised fireworks display that sparked the massive explosion. A building at the temple then collapsed, causing many of the deaths.

    Authorities have already ordered a judicial inquiry into the incident.

    Police are also looking for a number of people, who were in charge of running the temple and the festival, reports said.

    Nearly 400 others were injured near the temple when a faulty rocket fell onto a large stockpile of fireworks.

    Thousands had gathered to watch the display as part of a local new year festival.

    The temple had been denied permission on safety grounds, but it had gone ahead under pressure from a large crowd, officials said.

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited the scene and spoke with victims in local hospitals, said the incident was "heart-rending and shocking beyond words".

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