India: Death toll from restaurent blast rises to 90

    India: Death toll from restaurent blast rises to 90

    Sept.13, New Delhi: Death toll from the explosion in a restaurant in Indian has reached to 90 and several other injured. Police are searching for the owner of a shop which they said had illegally stored explosives that triggered a blast.

    Most of the people those who died were at a neighbouring restaurant in Petlawad in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

    Earlier, police thought a faulty gas cylinder in the restaurant was to blame, but now they said that the blast was caused by illegally stored mining explosives.

    The restaurant was packed with workers and school children eating breakfast.

    The shopkeeper, named as Rajendra Kasawa, had a licence for explosives for digging wells, construction and mining, district police official Seema Alava, AFP news agency reported.

    But Kasawa had stored them in an unauthorised way in a residential area.

    The Oslo Times


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