In The Memory of Egpytian Activist Ahmed Seif

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    In The Memory of  Egpytian  Activist Ahmed Seif

    Sept 5,Cairo: Sometimes the image of people we love and admire sticks in our memory, we keep recalling their calm features and feel a glow, even though they are no longer with us, in this immortal life. 

    This week passes the second anniversary of Ahmed Seif-ElIslamHamad’s death. Ahmed Seif is an Egyptian lawyer and a prominent human rights activist, and the father of three social activists: Alaa, Mona, and Sanaa. Ahmed Seif passed away 24/8/2014 after a heart surgery, back then his son Alaa, and daughter Sanaa were in prison, in cases related to demonstrating.

    Ahmed Seif was the brilliant tutor who had always explained the complex legal issues in the most simple way you can imagine, always finishing his speech with a joke to clear the air.

    After the revolution of January 25, there were lots of situations when we couldn’t clearly decide on them, and when we turned to Seif, he was always the man with the answers. It is not just that he knew better, but he had rather handled it from a human point of view before handling it legally or politically.

    I remember when I invited him to be our prime guest in a conference against the demonstration law back in 2014, we had the honor of being with him in the journalist's syndicate. Back then I asked him to direct a message to our generation when he came up with a brilliant sentence that summed it all up : “you are the generation whom your smallest demands were our largest ambitions” in a smart comparison between his generation and their struggle against the repression since the seventies and ours.

    After the conference and before he leaves, I and some of my colleagues followed him to ask him some questions. Most of what we asked were about the constant violations of the constitutional laws that the authorities are committing, and how to confront that. His face glowed with a big smile when he said: “I raised a case against the state since the seventies and it is still going” in a reference to the case he raised against the state for torturing him when he was a political prisoner during the rule of president Sadat.

    Seif wanted to teach us that no matter how long or what it takes you stick to your principals and demand your rights without compromising.
    Seif loved our generation and we loved him back, the love that was obvious in the huge number of youths gathered on the day of his funeral. At that day, long lines of youths were walking, in front of which a young man carrying a flag with seif’s portrait on it, he was one of the last people who Seif managed to stand in court and defend him, it was on Al-Shoura case, the same case that his son Alaa, is in. Cheers were loud that day, loud voices mixed with tears.

    The most prominent scene that day, however, was the arrival of Alaa, and Sanaa from prison to attend the funeral. The obvious pain and the marks of tears, then the state of resistance and the look of dignity despite the fact that they came hand coughed.  Seif lived his youth a strong fighter against the tyranny of the authorities, then spent the rest of his life as a tough activist and a lawyer for all who needed help.

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