Human Rights Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy Nigeria demands the immediate release of John Danfulani

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    Human Rights Development and Fundamental Rights Advocacy Nigeria  demands the immediate release of John Danfulani

    Feb 1,Abuja: 

    Dr John Danfulani's detention was ordered  by Kaduna State University authority  where he work  a week ago over an article he wrote which the school authority  claimed it has the potentials of causing rancour among students and staff of the university community.

    But the human rights  group believed the university authority has no rights to stop him from expressing his view on issues relating to kaduna state and Nigerian development.

    The article written which was posted on internet was in title" The problem with Nigeria,"

    This was contained in a statement signed by the group's spokespersons, George Brown and made available to newsmen in the state.

    George described Dr Danfulani as a human rights activist, internationally acclaimed Author and researcher, a champion of the minorities without consideration to gender, ethnicity, race and religious affiliation.

    " He is  a teacher par excellence, who upholds equity and fairness, and an advocate of justice.

    "we are aware that several organisations both human rights and ethnic bodies have called for this unjust persecution of our venerable icon to cease forthwith, as this will exacerbate the matter.

    " We are not oblivious of the curious fact that government or its agents may be fuelling the matter to their own end as the whole hubris smirks of organized government controlled interests.

    " John Danfulani is a tax paying and law abiding citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whose rights are fully guaranteed in Chapter 4 (four) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and as such has never been convicted by any Court of Law, he is a Northerner, a Teacher charged with training and mentoring of wards for a better and greater Nigeria,"

    The group further stated that they are  utterly afraid of a regression to military impunity of yester-years where good citizens were intimidated, coerced, cajoled, bamboozled and freedom of expression gagged.

    " It is a fact that this same John Danfulani’s persuasive and intellectual skills were used by the present Government of the day to victory.

    "Clearly, John Danfulani connotes this Country’s bright elements possessed of a writer’s narrative imagery, poetic license and vivid imagination. It will be unfortunate therefore, if his literary skills are misconstrued for selfish reasons by mischievous proxies.

    "we are grateful to law abiding supporters, friends and family of our amiable Dr. John Danfulani who have vowed to stand with the true social icon through these hard and trying moments of his carrier and life.

    " We continue to urge same teaming supporters, friends and family to keep up the struggle by all peaceful means necessary," the statement reads.

    The Oslo Times


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