Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo will abandon UK residency

    Hong Kong bookseller Lee Bo will abandon UK residency

    March 1, London: One of the five booksellers who went missing from Hong Kong has said he will abandon UK residency.

    He said in a televised interview, Lee Bo denied he had been abducted by Chinese officials. It was his first public appearance in TV since going missing last year.

    Lee is one of five men linked to a Hong Kong publishers who disappeared late last year - the publishing house sold books critical of China's leaders, reports said.

    In his interview with mainland news outlets, in China, Lee, also known as Paul Lee, confirmed that he has a British passport, and that he had applied for the right to house in the UK in the early 1990s.

    Political activists who have been advocating for Lee's return to Hong Kong believe his apparent confession is laughable, local news reported. Public confessions have long been a part of China's criminal law, but experts say many confessions are forced.

    The other booksellers also appeared on Chinese television on Sunday, saying they were detained for "illegal book trading". 

    The case of missing booksellers has sparked accusations of China violating Hong Kong judicial independence, reports said.

    The Oslo Times


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