Høyres Landsmøte 2015: Norway Prime Minister vows strong moves to resolve security, care problems

    Høyres Landsmøte 2015: Norway Prime Minister vows strong moves to resolve security, care problems

    OSLO, May 02: Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg vowed that the government will strengthen care for old age citizens. “We should work on creating a society where the elderly can live with dignity, instead of sweeping the problems under the carpet”, Solberg said in her speech at the Conservative party congress (Høyres Landsmøte 2015).

    The Conservative party after coming into power has promised to strengthen its services to people who need care. Much has already been done through increasing the public investment grant for the construction and upgrading of care spaces.” We will be presenting the government with a proposal on extending primary health, it will be added up to a broad focus on employee skills,” PM Solberg said.

    She said the government has already increased the public investment grant for the up gradation of the care system. She said the government will strengthen administration programs for municipality health and care services. Solberg says that the government will increase drug-fighting budget. “This patient group has been on the priority for long. Believe me, it will change as in the current year budget, we proposed NOK 400 million more substance abuse, mental health and the low threshold at health centers and school health services. As part of the plan a further 400 million will be earmarked for drug rehabilitation in the municipalities in 2016, says Solberg. “One of the jobs of the government is to improve patients’ healthcare outcomes.

    “It also requires political leadership to ensure that people with mental illness, substance abuse, muscle and fatigue to prioritize in our health service,” she said.

    Specific measures

    (The Norwegian Premier, Erna Solberg while addressing an audience at the conference: Photo by Abdul Zahir Latoon for TOT)
    (The Norwegian Premier, Erna Solberg while addressing an audience at the conference: Photo by Abdul Zahir Latoon for TOT)

    The Conservative party has proposed a number of concrete measures in the message.

    We will go through basic education and continuing education for nurses to ensure that students learn what they need.
    • A pilot project with national midterm in nursing education.
    • An action plan for recruitment, skills and professional development.
    • Reintroduction of qualifications for the professions that every municipality shall have as a minimum.
    • Strengthening of management programs for the municipal health and care services.

    Solberg adds in the speech not hiding how important she thinks it is to give seniors a good offer.

    – There is a big difference in a nursing home where food comes almost untouched back to the kitchen and a nursing home where it is eaten well. There is a difference between a nursing home, which rotates with medicines, or medicating too much, and a nursing home with good procedures and alternatives to medication. There is a difference in a nursing home where the elderly are just waiting to die, and a nursing home where the elderly have a life of content and meaning. The difference is the management and the employees who serve there, she says.

    Create better patient health

    Government jobs, however, are also aimed at improving specialist services. An important task is to create better patient health.
    We went on to choose the establishment of what we call a packet stream in cancer treatment, says Solberg.
    And it has already been established for breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancer from January
    1. From 1 May comes packet stream for 10 new cancers, and from 1 September for a further 14 new cancers.
    We have all health regions built up diagnostic centers for cancer to quickly start working on finding the right diagnosis. Now we have also established a diagnostic center for musculoskeletal fatigue states with unclear causes. This is an example of a group of patients who have been at the bottom of measures set by the health board. I am concerned that these patients should be taken seriously. Status suffering prioritized by itself. Therefore, it requires political leadership to ensure that people with mental illness, substance abuse, muscle and fatigue are given priority in our health service sector, she said.

    Solberg further added that the government will deliver an escalation in the drug field.

    – This patient group has been under the priority for long. Believe me: it will change. In this year’s budget, we proposed NOK 400 million more on substance abuse, mental health and low threshold at health centers and school health services. I can notify the government, as part of the plan and we will propose a further 400 million to drug rehabilitation in the municipalities in 2016, she said.

    Safeguarding Norway

    Violations of international law in the heart of Europe, extremist organizations ravages and brutal terrorist attacks in neighboring countries have changed the security picture.

    Russia‘s military aggression, the annexation of the Crimea and the destabilization of Ukraine spreading uncertainty throughout Europe. Norway, together with friends and allies, responded clearly to Russia‘s violation of international law. This has been essential, and the Conservatives believe that Norway must stand firm on this line to Russia again relate to the basic rules that apply to Europe‘s states.

    An important response to Russia‘s aggression is to help ensure that Ukraine can succeed with the necessary reforms that will create political stability and economic development. Right believes that Norway together with our partners and friends in Europe will help to build and support a stable Ukraine that is free to choose its political future. It is important to show solidarity with other neighboring countries of Russia, and to reject old-fashioned thinking about “spheres of interest” in Europe. For Norway, it is also important to increase its presence in the north.

    ISIL, Boko Haram and other extremists shock an entire World with their brutality. When such terrorists acquire control of large areas of land, it is also a threat against Norway. We must help to combat terrorists through political, military, ideological and economic instruments.

    Terrorist attacks which took place in Copenhagen and Paris are direct attacks against our values and our way of life. We can never accept. We shall be uncompromising in the face of anti-Semitism and racism, fighting for freedom of expression and the right to challenge power. These conditions are vitally
    essential to ensure  freedom and democracy.

    Security guarantee

    (Participants of the conference while listening to the Norwegian Premier, Erna Solberg. (Phot by Adul Zahir Latoon for TOT)
    (Participants of the conference while listening to the Norwegian Premier, Erna Solberg. (Phot by Adul Zahir Latoon for TOT)

    An important tool in the fight against extremism and terrorism is economic development and poverty reduction. Development and security are two sides of the same coin. Norway will be a driving force for increased investment in education and freer trade that more people are able to create growth and development.

    Our membership in NATO is our main security guarantee. Norway will contribute to NATO and it remains an active and credible defense alliance. It must be done both by strengthening our own defense and is an active contributor to NATO. We must turn the ring about its political credibility. We do this by ensuring the Alliance’s military credibility. NATO countries adopted at the summit in Wales in 2014 to work towards a goal of increasing defense budgets to 2% of GDP by 2024, of which 20% will go to investments. Norway is one of the few countries that have increased their defense appropriations and maintained the investment share.

    The party believes that the defense today solves many of their assignments in a good way. Not least thanks to the dedicated and competent personnel. It is also a great need for further modernization and restructuring, particularly to solve the most demanding tasks. The Government has increased the defense budget and must continue to strengthen the budgets. Cooperating with the EU The EU plays an increasingly important role in foreign and security policy. Norway must seek close cooperation with the EU and find common solutions on important issues, as we have done against Russia‘s violations of international law. The new security situation means that we must be prepared for non-conventional threats, as cyber threats, terrorism, piracy and organized crime. Our policy is based on the fundamental values that we share with our allies and friends in NATO, the EU and across the Atlantic. We will ensure and promote our common interests: democracy, human rights, peaceful development, growth, jobs and welfare. Right will Promoting democracy, human rights, rule of law and freedom of expression through Norwegian foreign policy. Strengthen Norway‘s efforts against international terrorism through a broad range of measures, both military through participation in international operations and civilian. Continue necessary restructuring and modernization of the Armed Forces to meet the development of current and future threats. Increase funding for the Armed Forces with NATO two per cent ambitions as long-term goals and maintain the current level of at least 20 per cent of the investment share.

    Strengthened humanitarian efforts

    (Photo by Abdul Zahir Latoon for TOT)
    (Photo by Abdul Zahir Latoon for TOT)

    War and conflict, natural disasters and poverty force millions of people to flee their homes. Since World War II so many have been displaced — over 50 million people. Wars including those in Syria and Iraq and the emergence of violent extremist groups have created instability in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

    The humanitarian needs in the world have increased in recent years, but the humanitarian response has not been stepped up accordingly. New challenges associated with extremist groups like ISIL also make it harder to help those who need it. The flow of refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean has increased, last year at least 3,500 people drowned while crossing into Europe.

    Norway must set up a broad set of measures in several areas to prevent such tragedies. Larger humanitarian efforts to help people in the vicinity and to relieve those countries that take the greatest responsibility are indispensable. Norway must contribute to finding political solutions to the conflicts that create the great human suffering. Combating violent extremism and foreign fighters must be intensified. The same applies to the fight against trafficking and organized crime. Norway must support Italy and the EU in a coordinated effort to save lives in the Mediterranean.

    It is possible to help far more refugees in neighboring areas than we can in Norway, which is why this effort is important. It is positive that the government has increased its focus on humanitarian assistance by approximately half billion for 2015 and that Norway has increased the reception of refugees. We must continue to assist NGOs that prevent refugees from embarking on the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. Norway, along with other European countries must take responsibility for the refugee crisis, and contribute further in the vicinity.

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