GHRD Organized Human Rights Day Seminar and Rally in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

    GHRD Organized Human Rights Day Seminar and Rally in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. International Human Rights Day

    Global Human Rights Defense (GHRD) in collaboration with Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP), Research and Empowerment Organization-REO, and Global Human Rights Defense in Nepal observed the International Human Rights Day 2018 with Human Rights Defenders, women activists, political workers, social activists, lawyers, teachers, youth, representatives of civil society organizations and students who participated and shared their experiences and recommendations about this year’s focuses theme on Article 1 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “All Human Beings are Born Free & Equal in Dignity and Rights”.


    Naveed Walter, President of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) described the significance day is connection to a document called Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which was presented and accepted by all the members of United Nations on 10 December 1948, which is a most translated document of the world and used as a reference, that every human being is entitled of every human right regardless of their race, demography, language, birth, type of speech, gender, opinion, sect or caste, physical or mental disabilities etc., he added more. Mr. Naveed Walter said further that violations of human rights is mounting particularly of children, women and minorities, should be noticed by government and the discriminatory practices and laws should be revised which are contrary to human rights principals, specifically the abductions, forced conversions and forced marriages of Hindu and Christian girls are triggering indicators of worst human rights situation. Mr. Walter said, the Human Rights Defenders Network Faisalabad will be activated more by HRFP and volunteers on National level and we will invite to all Human Rights Defenders of Pakistan to come and join Network for the same joint cause, he added more. 
    The speakers Ms. Reema Bhatti (Helpline Desk HRFP), Ms Nusrat Samuel (Women Activist), Ms. Naseem Haroon (Political Worker), Ms. Minahil (Student), Ms. Suneeka (Beautician), Pastor Kanwal Sohail (Activist), Mr. Robin Daniel (Political Worker), Manzooran bibi (House Wife) Mr. James Lal (Educationist), Mr. Raja Thomas (Social Activist), Mr. Abrar Younas (Trade Union Activist), Mr. Ijaz Bhatti (Teacher), Ms. Martha Naveed (Women Coordinator HRFP), Mr. Shadman John (Program Coordinator HRFP) and others urged to government and authorities on 70th celebration of Human Rights day for the implementation of UDHR and consented to be united for raising voice, stepping ahead for achieving goals, contributing with commitment, performing duties and sensitization about rights and differentiations between desires. During event Ms. Shamim Younas (beautician), a victim of religious persecution shared her story also as she is having harassments. Her bold step was appreciated by participants that if everyone become courageous like Shamim Younas then the available resources and institutions like HRFP can make their role to provide services of legal aid, protections and other possible assistance; otherwise the victims who faced violations and kept silent, they cannot make a change in their lives, Naveed Walter added more.


    Human rights violation especially violence on religious minorities Hindus and Christian in Particular are common in Bangladesh. REO has more than 78 rape victims cases studies in the last year, mostly the Hindus are affected and forcefully converted due to their religious believe. It endeavors to focus attention on the serious human rights violations faced by religious minorities in Bangladesh, and in particular, highlight the issues faced by women from the minority religious communities.

    Prof. Chandan Sarkar Chairman of Research and Empowerment Organization (REO) raised the issue, root causes and recommendations for the Elimination of Violence against Women, particularly the female child marriages, domestic violence, incidents of acid throwing, burnings, honor killings, trafficking, sexual and mental harassment is common in Bangladesh.

    Prof Sarkar mentioned that the before and after election violence is common in Bangladesh, Especially on the minorities people and women affected much. He provided statistics from 2015 to 2018 the violation against women are increasing before and after election violation against minorities in Bangladesh. The government must have to take initiatives the protection of the minorities of Bangladesh.
    Prof. Sarkar in his keynote speech mentioned atrocity of minorities of day to day up rasing and how the GHRD and REO are working for the destitute and  Hindu women victims. They rescued many girls as well as Provided medical facilities for the Needy people in Bangladesh.

    However, Prof Sarkar describes two case studies regards on Mukta Rani Roy, Nilphamary and Purnima Das, Shylet. Both the girls have been abducted and forcefully converted to Islam. The police trying to rescue but they are not able to rescue last four months. The victim’s family told to us that the police are not helpful for rescue the girl. However, we put pressure and time to time the communicate with the police, they assured that they will rescue the victims. On 26th November, police rescued Mukta Rani Roy with perpetrators from Sripur, Gazipur,Dhaka.

    He said further that rape and forcefully conversion is alarming and in routine in Bangladesh. The sexual violence and harassment (rape, forced sexual acts, unwanted sexual advances, child sexual abuse, forced marriage, street harassment, stalking, and cyber- harassment) are also common practices in Bangladesh. The human trafficking (slavery, sexual exploitation), female genital mutilation and child marriages are commonly faced by women, he added more.


    GHRD- Global Human Rights Defence organized a program in Nepal on the Human Rights Day in Nepal. Suraj Bhattarai and Dr Sukumal Bhattarai lead the Role and Organized a Program in The delli area of Kathmandu. They Speakers Naina and Others spoke. They want stop to traffic and Conversion in Nepal. 

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