Germany receives 965,000 migrants in first 11 months

    Germany receives 965,000 migrants in first 11 months

    Dec 7, Berlin: Germany has registered 965,000 new-asylum seekers from January through the end of November, putting it on course for more than a million in 2015, Interior Ministry said.

    The number of migrants arriving has not slowed despite the winter cold, with a record high of 206,101 in November.

    Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere on Monday said that the actual number of new arrivals through the end of November is below 965,000 because of people who registered more than once or continued to other countries, but he can't say how much lower.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in August that the country expected 800,000 asylum-seekers over the year.

    Documents leaked in October suggested the government was privately anticipating the arrival of up to 1.5m.

    Germany has registered more asylum-seekers than any other nation in Europe, although at about one percent of its population, less per capita than several smaller nations.

    Registered asylum seekers are not always accepted however, and rates of success vary from country to country. Fewer than 10 percent of applicants last year in Hungary - which has one of the highest shares of asylum-seekers in Europe - resulted in a positive decision, news reports said.

    The rate in Germany was 42 percent, while in Sweden - which registered the highest number of applications per capita - it was 77 percent. Across the EU, the success rate about 45 percent.

    The Oslo Times


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