Germany expects 1.5 million asylum-seekers in 2015: Report

    Germany expects 1.5 million asylum-seekers in 2015: Report

    Oct.5, Berlin: Germany said that it could receive up to 1.5 million asylum-seekers in 2015, local media reported quoting a confidential document containing estimates that are far higher than publicly released official figures.

    Authorities said that they have so far predicted that Europe's biggest economy would record between 800,000 and one million new arrivals in 2015.

    A local newspaper quoted the document saying that the authorities were now expecting to receive 920,000 new arrivals in the coming three months alone, bringing the total number of asylum-seekers this year to 1.5 million.

    "The migratory pressure will increase. For the fourth quarter, we expect between 7,000 and 10,000 illegal entries a day," according to extracts of the document, although Bild paper did not specify its source.

    The document said: "The significant number of asylum-seekers risks becoming an extreme burdenfor the regions and communes."

    On the basis of the preliminary forecast of 920,000 refugees, some "7.36 million people" could therefore have the right to move to Germany due to family ties.

    The Oslo Times


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