German MPs vote for Syria military mission

    German MPs vote for Syria military mission

    Dec 4, Berlin: Germany's parliament has approved plan to send military support to the US-led coalition fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel said her country will send six Tornado reconnaissance jets and a refueling aircraft to back up the international anti-ISIL coalition, but its military will not conduct air strikes.

    The Bundestag, the lower House of parliament, voted for the mandate by an overwhelming majority of 445 votes in favour and 146 against. Seven lawmakers abstained, media reports said.

    Tornado jets - for reconnaissance - a naval frigate and 1,200 soldiers will be sent to the region.

    The international coalition has stepped up its campaign against the group in the wake of last month's deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. ISIL claimed responsibility for the massacre in which 130 people were killed.

    Merkel's conservative-led coalition, which included the left-leaning Social Democrats, controls about 80 per cent of the Bundestag vote. While 58 per cent of those surveyed in the ARD poll said they agreed that Germany should offer military support in the campaign against ISIL, 37 per cent were opposed.

    The Oslo Times


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