German MPs due to vote on anti-ISIL mission in Syria

    German MPs due to vote on anti-ISIL mission in Syria

    Dec 4, Berlin: Parliament in Germany is due to vote on whether the country should provide military support to fight against ISIL militants in Syria. MPs are expected to back the controversial plan, local media reported.

    The move comes after a French appeal following last month's Paris attacks, which killed 130 people.

    After the approval, Tornado reconnaissance aircraft, a naval frigate and around 1,200 soldiers will then be sent to the region.

    German MPs are expected to approve the proposal later on Friday, although many admit they will do so reluctantly, BBC news reported.

    However, some lawmakers have expressed concerns about mission creep. If approved, this would become Germany's biggest current military operation abroad.

    The mandate will initially last a year and will cost €134m (£97m; $146m).
    Until now, Germany's biggest foreign mission has been in Afghanistan, but that has gradually wound down to a force of just less than 1,000.

    Last week, Germany agreed to send 650 soldiers to Mali, to join 1,500 French troops deployed to fight IS militants.

    The Oslo Times


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