French justice minister resigns amid terror row

    French justice minister resigns amid terror row

    Jan 27, Paris: France’s Justice Minister Christiane Taubira unexpectedly resigned Wednesday shortly before MPs are due to debate plans to strip people convicted of terrorism of their citizenship. Taubira was known to disagree with the controversial proposals.

    The citizenship plans were put forward after the 13 November Paris attacks in which 130 people were murdered.

    President Francois Hollande's announced Christiane Taubira's resignation on Wednesday, just ahead of a Cabinet meeting, and hours before a Parliament commission takes up the citizenship bill.

    Taubira tweeted, "Sometimes staying on is resisting, sometimes resisting means leaving."

    Taubira, one of France's few senior black politicians, has been replaced by Jean-Jacques Urvoas who is seen as a supporter of the constitutional change. Born in French Guiana, Taubira has suffered racist taunts from the far-right during her time as justice minister.

    Taubira, a devoted leftist best known for championing the legalization of gay marriage, tweeted that "sometimes to resist is to remain, sometimes to resist is to leave."

    Taubira was scheduled to travel Wednesday to the United States, where she was to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and members of Black Lives Matter, and receive an honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin.

    The Oslo Times


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