Francce: Dozens arrested as labour protest turns violent

    Francce: Dozens arrested as labour protest turns violent

    June 15, Paris: At least 40 people were injured and 73 arrested in France as protesters have clashed with police against a divisive labour reform bill that they say is too "pro-business" and makes it easier for companies to fire staff.

    Some 75,000 demonstrators amassed in Paris in the latest round of protests against the controversial reforms.

    According to police, 29 members of the security forces were among the 40 injured.

    The AFP news agency reported that hundreds of masked protesters hurled objects at police and stormed a building site in the capital.

    Sparking months of street protests and widespread opposition, the bill, which was pushed through last month, retains France's cherished 35-hour working week but allows companies to organise alternative working times, media reports said.

    Strikes on Tuesday also closed the Eiffel Tower and disrupted transport links as tens of thousands of fans continue to pour into the country for the Euro 2016 football event.

    The strike is the latest in months of industrial action that has seen air and rail transport severely disrupted, fuel shortages and rubbish piled up on the streets of Paris.

    Protests against the reform started on March 9, culminating in massive demonstrations on March 31 that brought nearly 400,000 people on to the streets.

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