Flawed Gods

    Flawed Gods

    In a future, planetary world, a former Varan lover who was misjudged and sent away as a criminal abducts the beautiful Doella from the man she agreed to marry. Thus begins the odyssey of two fleeing, passionate lovers who are pursued by her jilted bond-mate and eventually by Varan authorities.

    The odyssey to flee Varan pursuit leads to encounters with menacing societies, dangerous dragons, lecherous kings, and cunning wizards... until the Varan authorities and the jilted bond-mate capture Doella and her troupe.

    However, Doella's infidelity and lack of honor are now insignificant with the discovery of a threat to annihilate the Varan civilization. The last best Varan hope is to send Doella back into her most horrifying encounter. The clock is ticking ... in a fascinating, suspenseful and sexy read.

    About the Author

    Born in the United Kingdom and now residing in Australia, Angela Mortimer enjoys reading sci-fi and fantasy. She attended West of England College of Art, and her favorite subjects include genetics, planetary sciences, philosophy, and history. A nature lover, she loves gazing at the stars and wondering what might be out there.

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