European Commission to unveil new EU asylum options

    European Commission to unveil new EU asylum options

    April 6, Berlin: The European Commission is due to unveil options for reforms to the way EU countries handle asylum claims in response to the migrant crisis, media reports said.

    The move is in part a reaction to the difficulties faced by Greece and Italy to cope with thousands arriving from the Middle East and Africa.

    Other countries meanwhile have taken in hardly any refugees.

    Separately, people in the Netherlands are taking part in referendum on an EU free trade deal with Ukraine. Under a Netherlands law from last year that created advisory referendums, the result is valid only if turnout is more than 30 percent. They will be given the choice of voting for or against ratification of the deal.

    Media reports said that the non-binding referendum is being viewed by many as an opportunity to protest against the EU's expansion and what they consider to be its undemocratic decision-making processes.

    Some campaigners see it as a precursor of the UK's June referendum on EU membership.

    If a majority votes against the deal, the government can introduce new legislation which in effect would cancel its ratification. Likewise if there is a vote in favour it can advise parliament to uphold the ratification.

    The Oslo Times


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