Europa Nostra shorlists Oslo's Y-block as endangered monuments

    Europa Nostra shorlists Oslo's Y-block as endangered monuments

     Luxembourg, 10 December:  Europa Nostra, a  leading European Cultural Heritage Organization and the European Investment Bank Institute today shortlisted 14 monuments  and places including the Y-block in Oslo for 'The 7 Most Endangered' program in 2016.

    The decision according to reports was taken by an international expert panel. These endangered landmarks from 14 European countries are: The archaeological site Ererouyk and village Ani PEMZ, Armenia; Palace of Justice in Brussels, Belgium; Sjøfortet Patarei in Tallinn, Estonia; HelsinkiMalmi Airport, Finland; Colbert swing bridge in Dieppe, France; Divitzer Castle, Germany; Kampos neighborhood Chios, Greece; Venice Lagoon, Italy; Rijswijk castle, The Netherlands; Y-block in Oslo, Norway; Valflore Palace and related facilities, at Lisbon, Portugal; St. Anthony of Padua monastery, Extremadura, Spain;  the historic town of Hasankeyf and its surroundings, Turkey; and Mavisbank House in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

    A statement issued by the European Union, Some of these sites are in danger due to neglect or inadequate planning / development, others due to lack of resources or expertise and the 14 shortlisted monuments and sites were selected after taking into account their outstanding heritage and cultural value as well as the grave danger that they are facing. The commitment of various public and private stakeholders and the engagement of the local communities to rescuing those sites were also considered essential. Another important criterion was the potential of these sites to serve as a resource and a driver of sustainable development for the wider region in which they are located.

    Some of these places are threatened due to neglect or lack of planning / development, others because the absence of resources or expertise. The final list of seven heritage sites will be announced at a public event in Venice on March 16. The 14 monuments and sites in the short list is chosen on the basis of their outstanding heritage value and the immediate threats they face. The efforts of various public and private stakeholders and the local community commitment to save the endangered places were also of considerable importance.

    Another important criterion was the place potential future resource and advocate for sustainable development in the region where they are located and the 14 places were shortlisted  by a panel of experts in history, archeology, architecture, conservation, project analysis and financing. The final list of 7 sites will be selected by the board in EuropeNostra.Engagement is particularly important when it comes to mobilizing support to save the selected endangered places, "said Guy Claussen, dean of the European Investment Bank Institute.

    'The 7 Most Endangered' program was launched in January 2013 by Europa Nostra with European Investment Bank Institute as a partner, and Council of Europe Development Bank as an associated partner. The program was inspired by a successful similar project led by the US National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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