EU leaders to talk on migrant crisis

    EU leaders to talk on migrant crisis

    Oct.25, Berlin: Leaders from central and eastern Europe are due to hold an emergency summit to discuss the migrant crisis, as tensions rise after Hungary's decision to close its borders.

    Leaders from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, are taking part in the summit.

    Migrants are nor forcing to go through Croatia and Slovenia on their way to seek asylum in EU nations. There are now bottlenecks, leaving thousands out in the cold at night.

    European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants countries to stop handing migrants on to their neighbours in chaotic conditions.
    Juncker, who called Sunday's summit in Brussels, local news reported.

    If no agreement is reached, he added, "we will soon see families in cold rivers in the Balkans perish miserably".

    Juncker is expected to present a 16-point plan, including an undertaking not to send migrants from one country to another without prior agreement.

    The Oslo Times


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