EU leaders meet on Migrant Crisis

    EU leaders meet on Migrant Crisis

    Oct.15, Berlin: European leaders are meeting to discuss on the regions migrant crisis in Brussels. They are seeking close co-operation with Turkey. They will focus on Turkey as nearly 600,000 migrants have reached the EU this year mostly from via Turkey.

    Turkey is hosting some two million migrants, most of them fleeing the war in neighbouring Syria. They are keen for the Turkish government to sign up to a joint action plan for greater financial and procedural support for Turkey, combat people smuggling among others.

    In exchange, Turkey would undertake various measures including implementing asylum procedures and giving priority to "the opening of the six refugee reception centres built with the EU co-funding".

    Ahead of Thursday's meeting in Brussels, the EU Council President Donald Tusk has warned that concessions will be granted only if Turkey helps reduce the influx of migrants, which stands at a record level.

    The Oslo Times


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