Dozens of refugees drown in shipwrecks off Greece

    Dozens of refugees drown in shipwrecks off Greece

    Jan 22, Athens: A total of 42 people including 11 children are reported to have drowned overnight in two separate shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea.

    One boat went down off the coast of the small Greek islet of Kalolimnos, killing 34 people, including 11 children. Another eight people died after a boat sank off the island of Farmakonisi, local media reports said.

    It was not known how many people were on the boat, but some estimates said up to 100, and a search is continuing for more survivors.

    The boat off Farmakonisi was carrying 48 people. Forty made it to shore and one girl was rescued, but the bodies of six children and one woman were found, according to BBC news report.

    Last year, over a million migrants arrived illegally in Europe among them more than 700 died in the Aegean crossing from Turkey to Greece.

    According to the reports, at least 100 have died in the Aegean this year alone.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Berlin to discuss the crisis on friday. Cabinet ministers from both countries will be in attendance.

    Turkey is home to nearly three million refugees, most of them from Syria.

    Many of them pay smugglers thousands of dollars to make the crossing to Greece. They then head north, trying to reach Germany and Scandinavia.

    The Oslo Times


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