Dozens of opposition arrested in Kosovo

    Dozens of opposition arrested in Kosovo

    Nov 29,Priština: Anti-government protests in Kosovo by the opposition leaders have led to arrests prominent opposition MP and party members.

    Police clashed with the supporters of main opposition party to prevent the arrest of Albin Kurti in the capital Pristina. Kurti has led a series of protests in parliament against agreements made with Serbia.

    Opposition MPs have paralysed the work of parliament for weeks. Kurti is suspected by the prosecutor of committing offences of endangering public order and illegal use of weapons.

    Kurti, a former leader of the Self-Determination Party, has opposed to deal with Serbia  mediated by the EU in August, that gives greater autonomy to Kosovo's ethnic Serb minority.

    The deal with Serbia is now before Kosovo's constitutional court. The opposition also objects to a border demarcation deal with Montenegro that it says hands Kosovan territory to its neighbour.

    Thee Oslo Times


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