Dozens detained in clashes with police in France

    Dozens detained in clashes with police in France

    May 27, Paris: French authorities have detained at least 77 people during their labour reform protests, which attracted an estimated 18,000 demonstrators in the French capital.

    France's public electricity provider EDF said that nearly 15 percent of its national workforce has taken part in a strike to demand that the government scrap a labor bill.

    Demonstrators shouted anti-government slogans in Paris and sirens wailed in the background, as the march advanced on Thursday from the Bastille plaza through eastern part of the city.

    They have been striking and protesting against a government labor reform that makes it easier to hire and fire workers.

    Police fired tear gas at demonstrators and made several arrests of people accused of property damage, reports said.

    On Wednesday, workers from all 19 nuclear power stations in the country voted to join employees from oil refineries and railways in the strike, which already shut down refineries and forced the government to tap into its strategic fuel reserves.

    Due to the ongoing protest, about 20 percent of gas stations were suffering shortages Thursday. Police have been sent to force open fuel depots blocked by strikers.

    Pressure is rising on the government as queues at petrol stations lengthen by the day and with football fans due to flood into the country in two weeks for the Euro 2016 championships.

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