Denmark to vote on migrant assets bill

    Denmark to vote on migrant assets bill

    Jan 26, Copenhagen: Denmark is all set to vote on Tuesday on a highly controversial proposal to confiscate asylum seekers' valuables to pay for their upkeep.

    The proposal drew sharp criticism at home and abroad when it was announced earlier this month.

    Danish authorities insist the policy brings migrants in line with jobless Danes, who must sell assets above a certain level to claim benefits, media reports said.

    With broad cross-party support, the bill looks set to pass into law.

    The Danish government will also vote on another controversial proposal - delaying family reunifications for refugees and migrants in an attempt to discourage them from travelling to the country.

    Denmark expects to receive around 20,000 asylum seekers in 2016, compared to 15,000 last year, the integration ministry told BBC News.

    The country insists that the new laws are needed to stem the flow of refugees, despite both Denmark and Sweden recently tightening their borders.

    Many have compared the plan to the confiscation of valuables from Jews during the Second World War.

    The Oslo Times


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