Delhi starts car rationing to curb alarming pollution

    Delhi starts car rationing to curb alarming pollution

    Jan 1, New Delhi: Indian capital, Delhi, has launched major restrictions on private cars to curb alarming levels of pollution. Delhi has experienced hazardous levels of pollution this winter.

    Authorities have said that private cars with even and odd number plates are being allowed on alternate days from Friday in an initial two-week trial.

    The restrictions will be imposed between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Saturday.

    Emergency vehicles like ambulances, police cars, fire engines and taxis have been exempted from the order, news reports said.

    The local government announced the scheme after a court ordered authorities to tackle pollution levels more than 10 times the World Health Organisation's (WHO) safe limits.

    The government has made several exemptions to make it easier for people to follow the restrictions.

    According to BBC news reports, women will be allowed to drive their cars on all days but they can only be accompanied by women, and children below the age of 12. Cars carrying disabled people will also be allowed on all days.

    Along with two wheelers, cars operating on natural gas have been exempted. In cases of medical emergency, people will not be stopped from taking patients to hospitals.

    The government has hired around 3,000 private buses to provide shuttle services into the city from residential areas to ease the extra pressure on the public transport network. Schools have been also shut until the trial ends on 15 January so that their buses can be used as public transport.

    The government has also launched an app that people can use to book tuk-tuks to improve last-mile connectivity from the Metro stations.

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