Death toll in Indian base attack rises to 11 including seven troops

    Death toll in Indian base attack rises to 11 including seven troops

    Jan 3, Pathankot: The number of troops killed in an attack on an Indian air force base has risen to seven, after four soldiers succumbed to injuries sustained in the hourslong gunbattle near the border with Pakistan. Another died after being wounded in an explosion Sunday, officials said.

    Four suspected militants were also killed in the fighting.

    According to the media reports, combing operations to secure the Pathankot air force base were continuing late Sunday morning.

    Officials gave no other details about the situation at the base. Earlier in the day, at least one grenade blast was heard from inside the base, but officials declined to comment, said Air force spokeswoman Rochelle D'Silva.

    D'Silva gave no details about the death of an elite commando Sunday morning, except to say that he was seriously wounded in an explosion. News reports said the commando was killed while defusing explosives.

    The attack started a few hours before dawn on Saturday when a group of militants entered the area where the living quarters are located, the
    Defense Ministry said. The gunbattle — which lasted about 14 hours — came just a week after India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a surprise visit to arch rival Pakistan.

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