Death anniversary of Russian Oppositionn leader Boris Nemtsov marked

    Death anniversary of Russian Oppositionn leader Boris Nemtsov marked

    It has been a year since the Russian politician  Boris Nemtsov was assassinated on the bridge near Kremlin and though its been a year since the cold blooded murder of one of President Putin's  biggest critic's, investigations into the murder have failed to find the master behind the killing, a memorial service is being held for the politician at Moscow's city hall.
    According to reports though the opposition has been granted permission for a memorial march the march in Moscow on Saturday will not pass through scene of the crime where flowers and tributes have been pouring in for the past one year.

    Nemtsov had been shot down in the middle of the night while during an evening walk with his lady love,  on the eve of an opposition march he was expected to lead to call on President Putin’s government to address political and socio-economic reforms. “Russia’s government has yet to bring to justice those who planned or carried out the murder of Boris Nemtsov, who was killed within sight of the Kremlin,” said Robert Herman, Freedom House vice-president for international programs. “We remember Nemtsov as a champion of freedom. The international community should hold the Russian government accountable for his murder until it demonstrates a serious intent to prosecute the perpetrators.”

    After refusing to classify the case as a crime against a state or civic leader, the authorities have arrested five suspects for involvement in the murder and, and closed the investigation.

    The Oslo Times


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