Crackdown on Facebook users intensifies in Cambodia

    Crackdown on Facebook users intensifies in Cambodia

    Feb 26, Phnom Penh: A recent surge in the number of people being arrested for expressing themselves online, along with related threats by senior government officials, threatens freedom of expression in the Kingdom of Cambodia ("Cambodia").

    A press statement issued by Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), in recent months, Cambodia has seen a substantial increase in the number of internet users being detained and criminally charged for comments they have made online.

    This Fact Sheet outlines a number of cases in which individuals have been arrested or threatened, and emphasizes the particular importance of freedom of expression for criticism of public officials.

    Prime Minister Hun Sen has repeatedly threatened legal action against critics of the government, which has created a hostile environment in which individuals are deterred from freely expressing their opinions. The creation of a culture of self-censorship is particularly worrying in the political domain, as the expression and tolerance of diverse views is essential to maintaining a healthy democracy.

    The Oslo Times 


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