Chinese President Xi begins first US visit in Seattle

    Chinese President Xi begins first US visit in Seattle

    Sept.23, Seattle: Chinese president Xi Jinping landed in Seattle on Tuesday to kick off a weeklong US visit that will include meetings with US business leaders.

    Hundreds of people protesting against human rights abuses in China have greeted Xi, the first series of demonstrations against China's leader in his first official visit to the United States.

    Protesters affiliated with religious group Falun Gong, says it is repressed in China, held placards, while well-wishers waved Chinese and US flags and large red cloth signs that read “Hello President Xi” in Chinese characters.

    They waved signs against what it called the country's systematic theft of prisoners' organs, among other abuses. At one point, supporters attempted to drape a giant flag over a Falun Gong banner that read: "Forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners is not tolerated by heavenly principles", Reuters reported.

    In Seattle, Xi will meet the top bosses at Boeing, Apple, Microsoft and other firms.

    Xi leaves the Seattle area on Thursday for Washington, DC, where he will attend a summit with President Barack Obama. He will have dinner at the White House hosted by President Obama and will address at the United Nations.

    They are likely to discuss about China's slowing economy and cooperation on cyber security.

    The Oslo Times


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