Chinese mine owner drowns himself after deadly collapse

    Chinese mine owner drowns himself after deadly collapse

    Dec 27, Beijing: The owner of a Chinese gypsum mine drowned Sunday after jumping into a well in an apparent suicide during rescue efforts, as rescuers try to reach 17 workers who have been trapped for two days.

    One person died and four miners escaped when the mine collapsed on Friday.

    Quoting a morning briefing by the rescue command center, state media said that Ma Congbo, president of Yurong Commerce and Trade Ltd. Co., was assisting with rescue efforts on Sunday morning when he jumped into a mine well and drowned.

    Ma killed himself two days after the mine collapsed in Pingyi County's Linyi city, Shandong Province, just before 20:00 local time.

    Ma’s motive is not clear but the Chinese authorities have toughened the punishment of employers who are negligent, media reports said.

    Since the mine collapse on Friday, rescuers have pulled 11 workers to safety and recovered one body. Another 17 miners are yet to be found.

    Rescuers have drilled a hole to access some of the trapped workers, and are trying to transfer food and water, officials said. More than 700 emergency officials are involved in rescue efforts, according to Linyi Mayor Zhang Shuping.

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