China to punish hundreds over vaccine scandal

    China to punish hundreds over vaccine scandal

    April 14, Beijing: At least 357 Chinese officials are going to be punished over a scandal involving the illegal sale of vaccine. The Chinese government has promised to punish them and said it will tighten procedures around vaccine-handling.

    State media reported that 192 criminal cases have been filed. Improperly stored or transported vaccines were allegedly sent to 59 health institutions.

    Anger over the scandal is widespread in China, where the alleged illegal vaccine ring had reportedly been in operation since 2011.

    Details were only made public last month, when the authorities issued a call demanding that suppliers come forward to help them trace potential victims.

    China's State Council said 357 officials faced demotion or losing their jobs and that 202 had been detained so far, BBC reported.

    The China office of the World Health Organization (WHO) said vaccines needed to be handled properly or else they could become less effective.

    But it stressed that improperly kept vaccines did not in themselves present much danger.

    The Oslo Times


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