China releases, deports Swedish rights activist Peter Dahlin

    China releases, deports Swedish rights activist Peter Dahlin

    Jan 26, Beijing: The Chinese government has released and deported a Swedish activist who was detained on charges of damaging national security.

    Peter Dahlin, 35, was also accused of training and funding unlicensed lawyers in the country, leading to an extraordinary taped confession broadcast on state television.

    He was held since early January amid a crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists

    Swedish embassy spokesman Sebastian Magnusson confirmed Tuesday that Peter Dahlin had left China but was unable to provide further details.

    Dahlin, co-founder of China Urgent Action Working Group, was featured in a 10-minute segment on state broadcaster CCTV last week in which he confessed to helping unlicensed lawyers take on cases against the government "in clear violation of the law," AP news reported.

    He was arrested on his way to Beijing's international airport, becoming the first foreigner to become entangled in a wide-ranging crackdown on the country's increasingly assertive legal rights movement.

    The Oslo Times


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