China columnist Jia Jia goes missing

    China columnist Jia Jia goes missing

    March 18, Beijing: A Beijing-based columnist has gone missing while on his way to Hong Kong, according to reports. 

    No-one has had contact with Jia Jia since Tuesday night when he was set to board his flight. His wife has reported him missing. He is believed to have raised alarm over the publication of an anonymous letter calling for President Xi Jinping's resignation.

    The letter appeared on a state-linked site but was swiftly taken down.

    The incident appeared to be the latest in a string of high-profile censorship incidents, amid a ramp-up of state campaigns aimed at burnishing Mr Xi's image, BBC news reported.

    Jia, 30, is known for writing socio-political commentaries for the online news portal Tencent. He was due to fly from Beijing to Hong Kong on Tuesday when he became uncontactable.

    The Oslo Times


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