China columnist Jia Jia detained by police

    China columnist Jia Jia detained by police

    March 21, Beijing: A lawyer for prominent Chinese columnist Jia Jia, who went missing last week, has confirmed he has been detained by Beijing police, reports said.

    Lawyer Yan Xin said police had told him that Jia was taken away at the airport last week, before boarding a flight to Hong Kong.

    Jia is said to be linked to a letter calling for the resignation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, published on a state-linked site earlier this month, BBC reported.

    The letter was quickly taken down.

    Yan posted on his WeChat account that police said Mr Jia was "suspected to be involved in a certain case" but did not give any details.

    Friends have told media outlets that they believe Jia disappeared because he warned an editor friend, Ouyang Hongliang, after the letter was published on Ouyang's news site Watching, also known as Wujie News.

    Rights group Amnesty International's researcher William Nee also told the AFP that Jia's disappearance was "most likely" related to his involvement in the letter. Amnesty has called on people to appeal for Jia's release.

    Jia has reportedly denied he had anything to do with the letter itself.

    The Oslo Times


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