China arrest 11 over deadly Shenzhen landslide

    China arrest 11 over deadly Shenzhen landslide

    Jan 1, Beijing: Eleven people in China have formally arrested for their alleged role in the Shenzhen landslide disaster, that killed 12 people and left 62 others missing and presumed dead.

    A dispatcher and supervisor of the landfill, the chief and deputy manager of a company in charge of it, and seven other people were arrested, Shenzhen prosecutors said on late Thursday.

    They said they have been charged with negligently causing a serious accident.

    In the disaster in December 20, a mountain of construction waste that had been piled up against a hill collapsed during heavy rains onto an industrial park in Shenzhen.

    The city near Hong Kong makes products ranging from cellphones to cars, and attracts workers from all parts of China.

    The landslide happened when a hill of construction waste collapsed, leaving 74 people either missing or dead.

    The Oslo Times


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