China: Wuhan city on red alert for further rain

    China: Wuhan city on red alert for further rain

    July 6, Beijing: The Chinese meteorological office has release red alert for city of Wuhan due to heavy rainfall and torrential downpours overnight left parts of the city submerged. Flooding has killed more than 180 people and caused chaos across China.

    Transport links and water and power supplies in the city of 10 million are severely affected, and some residents are trapped in their homes.

    Police in neighbouring Anhui province even warned that alligators from a farm there had escaped due to the flooding.

    Wuhan's meteorological office released the red alert on Wednesday expecting wind and rain, and flooding in both urban and rural areas.

    Chinese media is reporting that more than 560mm (1.8ft) of rain has fallen over the past week, the heaviest ever in the history of the city, which is on the Yangtze River.

    Roads and subway stations were covered with water, and trains cancelled.

    According to local media, water supplies have been cut off in some areas, and one residential district experienced a complete power black-out.
    China's President Xi Jinping, has ordered the army to step up its relief efforts across the country.

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