China: Officials investigate classroom brawl in Anhui province

    China: Officials investigate classroom brawl in Anhui province

    April 21, Beijing: Chinese authorities are investigating a classroom brawl between high school students and their teacher in Anhui province, according to local media report.

    A video purportedly showing the fight spread online on Wednesday, shocking netizens who condemned the incident.

    The clip shows a teacher grabbing a student's neck, and a group of students beating and kicking the teacher.

    Classroom violence is rare in China, which has traditionally emphasised respect for teachers, local media reports said.

    The incident was first reported by local newspaper Shichang Xingbao on Thursday and quickly picked up by national news outlets and state media.

    Local education authorities could not be reached and the paper declined to comment when contacted by the BBC.

    The paper and online portal Anhui News quoted Mengcheng education officials as saying they were investigating the incident.

    Anhui News said the principal of the school had been suspended, while the students and teacher are being questioned.

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