China, Germany and UK most welcoming to refugees

    China, Germany and UK most welcoming to refugees

    May 19, Beijing: Countries like China, Germany and Britain are ranked as the world's most welcoming to refugees.

    The findings published by human rights organisation Amnesty International on Wednesday, said that residents of Russia, Indonesia and Thailand were considered the least welcoming out of 27 countries in the Refugees Welcome Index, which measured public levels of acceptance of refugees.

    The index ranked nations on a sliding scale of how willing citizens said they were to welcome refugees into their homes, neighbourhoods, cities, towns or villages and countries.

    Around the world, it found that one person in 10 would be prepared to take refugees into their homes, the report said.

    Secretary general of Amnesty Shalil Shetty said, "People are ready to welcome refugees, but governments' inhumane response to the refugee crisis is "badly out of touch with the views of their own citizens".

    In China, which was ranked as the most welcoming country, 46 percent of people said they would take refugees into their own home.
    Those in Britain were the second most willing to do so at 29 percent.

    While one in 10 Germans said they would accept refugees into their homes, 56 percent said they were welcome in their neighbourhood and 96 percent in their country.

    In Russia, where people were ranked as the least welcoming, 61 percent said they would refuse refugees access to their country.

    The five-year long conflict in Syria, which has claimed around 270,000 lives, has sparked a major refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe as people flee the fighting, reports said.

    Conflict and disaster forced millions of people to displace from their country. The survey of more than 27,000 people was conducted for Amnesty by strategy consultancy GlobeScan.

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